Ecosystem Analysis and Forecast (OGS)

The OGS Ecosystem Analysis and Forecast web page presents two operational forecast systems:  Daily/weekly update of current biogeochemical seawater conditions and 10-day forecasts for the Mediterranean Sea (integration of the CMEMS Mediterranean Sea forecast system with satellite and BGC-Argo observations)  Daily update of current physical and biogeochemical seawater conditions and 72-hour forecasts for the Northern… Read more »

Sea Levels and Waves (SMHI)

This product show time series of observations and forecasts from water level and wave measuring stations in the Baltic Sea, Kattegat and Skagerrak. Access here

Marnet Monitoring Network (BSH)

Marine Environmental Monitoring Network in the North Sea and Baltic Sea comprising twelve automated measuring stations.  Access here.

BSH GeoSeaPortal (BSH)

Central access point of BSH for geospatial data from oceanography, hydrography, shipping and spatial planning. 

HAB weekly bulletin (MI)

Our HAB Bulletins provide information on the potential development of toxic and/or harmful phytoplankton. 

Irish Digital Ocean (MI)

User friendly website providing access to MI data and other relevant marine related observations and monitoring data

Mediterranean tidal currents forecast (ENEA)

Web portal providing tidal circulation for the Mediterranean sea at 1/48°. Higher resolution forecasts (1/200°) are computed for the Strait of Gibraltar and the Turkish Strait System.

Mediterranean wave energy Forecasting (ENEA)

Web portal providing wave energy forecast at the spatial resolution of 1/32°. Higher resolution forecasts (1/128°) are computed over ten sub-basins around the Italian coasts.

E2M3A Observatory (OGS)

The E2M3A observatory, located in the Southern Adriatic Pit, works almost continuously since 2006 hosting the longest open-sea time series in the Adriatic (Eastern Mediterranean Sea). The recorded time-series at the E2-M3A station can be used for studies of long-term changes of Adriatic response to local climatic forcing. E2M3A Observatory has open access to data,… Read more »