CYCOFOS – Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting and Observing System

The Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting and Observing System (CYCOFOS) is a sub-regional forecasting and observing system in the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine Basin, which covers the coastal and open sea areas of Cyprus, Cilician and Lattakian basins and the Eastern Levantine Base. The CYCOFOS Bulletin is the electronic report of the CYCOFOS state of progress in oceanographic… Read more »

OSERIT – oil spill evaluation and response integrated tool (MUMM)

MUMM’s OSERIT oil drift and fate model interface is a 24/7 accessible support tool for evaluation of an oil spill report by MUMM duty personnel, Coast Guard Centres and other governmental authorities involved in oil pollution response at sea or the follow-up of a (presumed) illegal pollution. More about OSERIT here.

Operational Forecasts (MUMM)

A hydrodynamic model describes the distribution of three-dimensional currents and the height of the surface of the sea. This takes account of the influence of the moon and the stars on the movement of the water as well as the effect of the meteorological conditions (wind and pressure). At the moment it provides forecasts over… Read more »

Wave Forecasts (MDK)

Wave forecasts for 5 locations on the Belgian coast. Link to service.

Flemish Banks Monitoring Network (MDK)

The Flemish Banks Monitoring Network consists of a nautical Monitoring Network, weather forecasting centres on the shore and a computer network in Ostend. The monitoring network is made up of measuring pillars and wave data buoys, fitted with hydro-meteo sensors. Link to service.