Marine Institute (MI)

The Marine Institute is the Irish national agency responsible for Marine Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI).

The Institute was set up under the 1991 Marine Institute Act with the following role:
“to undertake, to co-ordinate, to promote and to assist in marine research and development and to provide such services related to research and development that, in the opinion of the Institute, will promote economic development and create employment and protect the marine environment”.

The Marine Institute is broadly responsible for:

  • Advising Government on policy relating to marine research and development
  • Carrying out policy on marine research and development
  • Undertaking, developing, promoting and marketing marine research and development services
  • Evaluating and advising Government on proposals for marine research and development requiring funding from the Exchequer
  • Promoting and assisting the development of Irish shipping and shipping services and seafarer training

In particular, the Marine Institute is responsible for the provision of a range of statutory services related to marine research development, environmental monitoring, food safety and natural resource protection consistent with the Marine Institute Act and with other Irish and EU legislation.