Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems (ROOS)

EuroGOOS supports five Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems (ROOS) in Europe. The EuroGOOS ROOS coordinate and support development and joint service production in European maritime regions. The ROOS feed marine data to pan-European portals bringing tangible added value to European cooperation. Working hand in hand, EuroGOOS members, ROOS, and other EuroGOOS networks jointly enhance the European leadership in ocean observing, forecasting and services. 

Five ROOS work within EuroGOOS: in the Arctic (Arctic ROOS), the Baltic (BOOS), the North-West Shelf (NOOS), the Ireland-Biscay-Iberian area (IBI ROOS), and the Mediterranean (MonGOOS). EuroGOOS also fosters cooperation in the Black Sea region with Black Sea GOOS.

The objectives, activities, and governance of the ROOS are agreed in MoUs signed between regional EuroGOOS members and non-members. EuroGOOS insures pan-European representation and interface for ROOS and facilitates cooperation among them. ROOS report to the EuroGOOS General Assembly, while representatives of the EuroGOOS office participate in the ROOS annual meetings.