Ireland-Biscay-Iberia Regional Operational Oceanographic System (IBI-ROOS)

IBI-ROOS aims to set up an operational oceanography organisation operated by participating partners from the 5 countries bordering the Iberia-Biscay Ireland Regional maritime area ( France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and UK), collaborating to develop and implement ocean observing systems for the IBI-Roos area, with delivery of real time operational data products and services.

The goals of IBI-ROOS are:

  • To develop and implement online operational marine data and information services.
  • Give a reliable description of the actual marine condition of the IBI area, including physical and ecosystem variables.
  • Provide analysis, forecasts, and model based products describing the marine conditions.
  • Establish a marine database from which time-series and statistical analyses can be obtained, including trends and changes in the marine environment, and the economic, environmental, and social impacts.
  • Collaborate with national and multinational agencies in the IBI area to maximise the efficiency of the ocean observing system, and to maximise the value of the information products.

The members of IBI-ROOS are the following:

  1. Ifremer , France
  2. IEO , Spain
  3. Mercator , France
  4. Météo-France, France
  5. Marine Institute , Ireland
  6. IPIMAR , Portugal
  7. IST , Portugal
  8. MeteoGalicia , Spain
  9. Intecmar , Spain
  10. AZTI , Spain
  11. Basque Goverment , Spain
  12. Instituto Hidrografico , Portugal
  13. SHOM , France
  14. CNRS , France
  15. Puertos Del Estado , Spain
  16. NERC, Southampton, UK
  17. CETMEF, Brest, France
  18. UK Met OFFICE

Access to IBI-ROOS products and data

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