The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI)

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) was established in April 2019 and it is a Centre of Excellence for marine and maritime research, innovation and technology development. It is based in the city of Larnaca in Cyprus, an island located on the crossroads of three continents and major maritime routes with a proud maritime tradition and a commendable maritime industry. CMMI has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and matching funding from the Cyprus Government.

CMMI’s vision is to drive sustainable Blue Growth by addressing the needs of industry and society within the spectrum of the marine and maritime sectors. It has ten Research and Innovation Centres that are involved in marine observation, marine robotics, maritime digitalisation, maritime engineering, marine and coastal ecosystems, the maritime human element, marine cultural heritage, marine and maritime policies and regional cooperation and underwater and seabed technologies.

CMMI’s Scientific staff is already involved in significant projects that will create solutions to issues that concern both the industry and society such as protecting marine biodiversity, addressing decarbonisation, promoting digitalisation and addressing climate change. They have expertise in various areas including among other naval architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering, aquaculture and marine resource management, oceanography, marine sciences, robotics and artificial intelligence. Major industry players, such as large ship management companies on the island, have already shown their support and interest in working with CMMI.