Mercator Ocean International (MOi)

Since January 2001, Mercator Océan has been developing and running operational systems (based on the MERCATOR System) able to describe, to monitor and to forecast the ocean at any location in the world, from the deep ocean to the surface.

Mercator Océan offers high level products and services to users thanks to its complex ocean forecast 3D models as well as its skilful human expertise for model assessment and ocean forecast.

Created in 2002 as a Public Interest Group (GIP), Mercator Océan is now a non-profit company, owned by 5 Major French Agencies – all founding members: CNRS (National Centre of the Scientific Research), IFREMER (French Research Institute for Sea operations), IRD (Development Research Institute), METEO FRANCE (French National Weather Service), and SHOM (Oceanographic Department of the French Navy).