North West European Shelf Operational Oceanographic System (NOOS)

NOOS-logoThe North West European Shelf Operational Oceanographic System (NOOS) is an operational oceanography system uniting partners from the nine countries bordering the extended North Sea and European North West Shelf: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the UK. The partners collaborate to develop and implement ocean observing and prediction systems for the NWS area, with delivery of real time operational data products and services.

The goals and objectives of NOOS are to:

  • Design and start the implementation of an integrated observing and forecasting system,   making use of already existing building blocks, common national projects, ongoing   international projects like COPERNICUS (CMEMS) and EDIOS, and the working relations with EMODNET and SeaDataNet;
  • Improve the quality of existing products by evaluation teams;
  • Couple the activities with the GOOS modules;
  • Strengthen the co-operation with COPERNICUS, EMODNET and SeaDataNet;
  • Establish working relations with international organisations like ICES, EEA, OSPAR, etc.