E2M3A Observatory (OGS)

The E2M3A observatory, located in the Southern Adriatic Pit, works almost continuously since 2006 hosting the longest open-sea time series in the Adriatic (Eastern Mediterranean Sea). The recorded time-series at the E2-M3A station can be used for studies of long-term changes of Adriatic response to local climatic forcing.

E2M3A Observatory has open access to data, mostly provided in real-time on the variation of surface temperature, salinity, oxygen, as well as meteorological data and surface water carbonate system (pH, pCO2) to assess ocean acidification. These data contribute to regional models. Atmospheric-sea interaction is obtained by means of total heat fluxes calculated at the site. Derived products as water column heat content change and water column Hoffmöller diagrams are obtained from temperature and salinity data at different levels of the ocean interior down to the seafloor facilitating the understanding of the deep water formation process taking place in the area. Plus, 10 days plots from RT data are available in graphical format. Time series are available for visualization through web graphic tool and graphic output.