Mercator Ocean Reference Products

Mercator Ocean Reference Products are classified in 2 categories: “Real Time” Reference Products represent the recent past, present and future ocean state updated daily or weekly. The recent past ocean state is 1, 14 or 21 days old. 5, 7 or 14 days forecasts are provided. “Delayed Time” Reference Products represent the past ocean state older than… Read more »

Coastal Coriolis (IFREMER)

Coastal Coriolis is a Data portal for all in-situ data platforms in Coastal French waters.

Coriolis (Ifremer)

A system for operational oceanography has been developed in France to monitor and forecast the ocean behaviour. It is composed of three components: Sea-surface observation using satellite sensors, In situ measurements from ships, moored or drifting autonomous systems, Assimilation of in-situ and satellite data in an ocean circulation model. Coriolis coordinate the in situ part… Read more »

Marine weather for Baltic (FMI)

Marine information for the Baltic sea. Includes: Weather forecast for shipping Marine weather observations Sea level Wave height Ice conditions Wave forecast Link to service.

MSI Marine Forecasts

Marine forecasts at the weather service web site. Link to service.

METOC portal (MSI)

Portal on meteorological and oceanographic information. Link to service.

MSI Sea Level Information System

The coastal observational network, run by MSI, has undergone a significant evolution since 2005 and presently consists of 11 on-line stations. Link to service.

Geolocated METOC Forecast Service (FCOO)

Service which lets you access METOC (meteorological and oceanographic) forecasts for exactly the locations and times that you are interested in.  Link to Service here.

FCOO Marine forecast

Marine Forecast shows current meteorological and oceanographic forecast and measurements. Link to service.