OceanWeb (SMHI)

OceanWeb is a web application that has been developed at SMHI for the visualization of ocean observations and forecasts for the sea areas around Sweden. OceanWeb presents graphs showing sea level observations and forecasts at specific points around the coast, for both Sweden and other Baltic countries. Other features of OceanWeb include forecasts of vertical… Read more »

Real time data from the Oceanographic buoy Vida (NIB/MBS)

A brief description of the coastal oceanographic buoy ‘Vida’ Stainless-steel buoy Vida was manufactured and deployed in operation in 2008 by the company Manta d.o.o.. The buoy’s hull is made of stainless steal 6 mm thick.  It is 2.5 m in diameter and the height of the upper-most sensor (the anemometer) is 5 m. The… Read more »

Products and services of the Portuguese Institute for the Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA)

  Beach and Ports: http://www.ipma.pt/en/maritima/costeira/ Waves: http://www.ipma.pt/en/maritima/cartas/ Marine Weather Forecast: http://www.ipma.pt/en/maritima/boletins/ Surface Currents Forecast: http://www.ipma.pt/en/maritima/stream/ Sea Surface Temperature Forecast: http://www.ipma.pt/en/maritima/sst/ Sea Surface Height Forecast: http://www.ipma.pt/en/maritima/ssh/ Satellite SST and Chlorophyll: http://www.ipma.pt/en/maritima/satelite/ UV index: http://www.ipma.pt/en/ambiente/uv/ Cascais Watch: http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/nauplius/media/time-series/site__iberian-portugal-cascais/index.html Marine biotoxines (Bivalves): http://www.ipma.pt/en/pescas/bivalves/

Venice Lagoon and North Adriatic tide gauge network (RMLV)

The Venice Lagoon and North Adriatic tide gauge network (RMLV) supports the local real-time storm surge prediction and warning system (7 tide stations in the North Adriatic Sea and coastal lagoons). The data collected (tide level, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, precipitation, humidity, wave height and period) are published in nearly real… Read more »

Italian national tide gauge network (RMN)

The Italian national tide gauge network (RMN – Rete Mareografica Nazionale) continuously monitors the sea level and a number of related meteorological and physical parameters. Data (real time and time series) are available at: www.mareografico.it/?syslng=ing RMN includes 36 coastal stations. It is the hugest network for sea level measurement in the Mediterranean, collecting real time… Read more »

Italian national data buoy network (RON)

The Italian national data buoy network (RON – Rete Ondametrica Nazionale) measures sea wind waves. Real time data are available here.  RON includes 15 directional wave buoys and the corresponding land based receiving stations collecting real time series of wave and meteorological parameters every 30 minutes. It provides data needed to define the sea state,… Read more »

UK Met Office Marine weather

The Met Office initiates warnings and prepares routine forecasts for dissemination on behalf of the  Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). Link to service.

Operational Oceanography products (CNR)

Operational oceanography products from the Operational Oceanography Group, Institute for Marine and Coastal Environment, CNR Oristano. Link to products.

Thermosalinometers (IEO)

Data from thermosalinometers that monitor continuous properties of water in the subsurface are available through the IEO data centre. Link to service.