Venice Lagoon and North Adriatic tide gauge network (RMLV)

The Venice Lagoon and North Adriatic tide gauge network (RMLV) supports the local real-time storm surge prediction and warning system (7 tide stations in the North Adriatic Sea and coastal lagoons).

The data collected (tide level, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, precipitation, humidity, wave height and period) are published in nearly real time at:

The RMLV is composed by 52 tide gauges located within the Venice Lagoon and along the northern Adriatic coastline. The majority of the tide gauges are equipped with real-time data transmission to the processing centre of RMLV. The RMLV is a real-time system for automatic-instrumental detection/transmission of hydrological, meteo-marine, environmental parameters. It manages interconnections among other institutions systems (i.e. Regional Civil Protection authorities, Regional environmental agencies, Water authorities, etc.).

Validated data can be freely downloaded by any user, after a brief registration. Analysis of high water events and periodical reports on sea level rise, local climatology, flooding events are regularly published and made available for the public.

Collected data and storm surge models are used to alert the Institutions involved in the Regional and National Civil Defence System through the daily Bulletin of tide in the Northern Adriatic Sea, daily updated and available at: