EuroGOOS viewer of observational and data capacities in the Black Sea

The EU DOORS project has announced the launch of observation and data mapping tool for the Black Sea developed by EuroGOOS. From a single interface, the tool allows users to navigate across different ocean observing and data initiatives in the Black Sea. Users can access marine d… Read more » Read More >>

EuroGOOS establishes a new Biological Observations Working Group

The recently renewed EuroGOOS Science Advisory Working Group will have their kick-off meeting on the 5th of October with new membership. The WG will elect a co-chair and review their ToR. There are many activities ahead for this Working Group and they will be hard at work to fost… Read more » Read More >>

EuroGOOS ‘Scientists for Ocean Literacy’ initiative endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade

EuroGOOS is committed to mainstream ocean literacy in European oceanographic and met agencies as a strategic area of activity. This commitment has now been recognized and acknowledged by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC), with the endorsement of the E… Read more » Read More >>

EuroGOOS Office is looking for a Communications Officer

The EuroGOOS Office seeks a Communications Officer to support the EuroGOOS team, members, and regional networks in communications, outreach, and organizational tasks. The Communications Officer will manage the EuroGOOS Office daily communication and outreach tasks, support the Eu… Read more » Read More >>

EuroGOOS releases new Kostas Nittis Award brochure and poster

The new brochure and flyer aim to provide an overview of the EuroGOOS Kostas Nittis Award. Interested applicants are invited to learn more about the initiative and eligibility criteria, and discover how the award has benefited the research work and professional development of pre… Read more » Read More >>

New EuroGOOS Biological Observing Working Group kicks off on 1 October

The EuroGOOS Biological Observing Working Group (BIOWG) kick-off meeting will take place virtually on 1 October 2021. As EuroGOOS starts implementing its 2030 Strategy, the EuroGOOS General Assembly approved the establishment of the Biological Observing Working Group (BIOWG) in M… Read more » Read More >>

9th EuroGOOS International Conference Proceedings released

The 9th EuroGOOS International Conference Proceedings, ‘Advances in operational oceanography: Expanding Europe’s ocean observing and forecasting capacity’, are now available on the permanent conference website hosted by Ifremer. Held every three years, the event aims to assess cu… Read more » Read More >>

2nd EuroGOOS Integration Workshop

The 2nd EuroGOOS Integration Workshop will take place on 29-30 November 2021 at the EuroGOOS headquarters, hosted by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels, as a hybrid event. The workshop aims to improve the integration between EuroGOOS Task Teams, Working G… Read more » Read More >>

Scientists for Ocean Literacy – EuroGOOS activity as part of the Ocean Decade Inspiring & Engaging Lab

We invite you to discuss the role of scientists as Ocean Literacy advocates in their communities, countries, and regions! Taking place on 8 July (2-3:30 PM CEST), this EuroGOOS activity in the Ocean Decade Lab on ‘Inspiring and Engaging Ocean’ will feature our latest policy brief… Read more » Read More >>

The DOORS project kicks off to develop open research support for the Black Sea

The DOORS project, titled ‘Developing Optimal and Open Research Support for the Black Sea’, has stared in June 2021 for a four-year duration, coordinated by GeoEcoMar, Romania. DOORS is a research and innovation action under the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, bringing tog… Read more » Read More >>

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