International Ocean Data Conference

20/03/2023 - 21/03/2023

This event’s second edition will continue to guide the international ocean data and information community towards realizing the implementation of the ocean data and information “global commons” by 2030. 

Since IODE-XXII (2013) every Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) has been preceded by a scientific workshop or conference. Since 2022, annual Ocean Data Conferences are held to take stock of the community’s commitments and recommendations, and report on problems and solutions, lessons learned, and challenges identified.

The EuroGOOS DataMEQ Working Group has been accepted for oral presentations at both editions. This year, we will present our vision of a European data policy for operational oceanography. DataMEQ will also hold a meeting back to back with the conference, hosted by IOC. 

UNESCO Headquarters

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