Science Advisory WG

Launch of the EuroGOOS Policy Brief at the European Maritime Day 2016, 28 May, Turku, from left: Dina Eparkhina, EuroGOOS, Martin Visbeck, AtlantOS, Gesine Meissner, Member of European Parliament, Erik Buch, EuroGOOS Chair, Sigi Gruber, Head of Marine Resources Unit, European Commission DG R&I, Douglas Cripe, Group on Earth Observations, and Vittorio Barale, EC Joint Research Centre

EuroGOOS Science Advisory working group was set up to deliver policy advise on research, technology development and innovation priorities in European operational oceanography.

The working group objectives:

  • Identify research, technology and innovation needs for advancing prediction and analyses of the marine environment and relate them to society, science and policy;
  • Maintain a dialogue between operational science and ocean dynamics studies;
  • Enhance the connection between environmental and climate change research and operational oceanography;
  • Support educational programs for operational oceanography, strengthening links between science and engineering.

The working group, chaired by Jun She (DMI, Denmark), developed a white paper, Developing European operational oceanography for Blue Growth, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and ecosystem-based management, published in the EGU Ocean Sciences journal – view here. On the basis of this white paper, EuroGOOS office and the working group chair delivered a policy brief – download here. This EuroGOOS policy brief, European Operational Oceanography: Delivering Services for Blue Growth and Ecosystem-based management, was launched at the European Maritime Day 2016 – see the news item