Project Deliverables

AtlantOS D1.1 Initial Requirements Report 2016
1.5 MiB2018-02-16
AtlantOS D7.4 Data Management Handbook 2016
2.9 MiB2018-02-16
AtlantOS D.1.3 Capacities And Gap Analysis 2017
2.8 MiB2018-02-16
AtlantOS D9.2 Web-based Monitoring Tools 2017
2.7 MiB2018-02-16
AtlantOS D1.1 Initial Requirements Report 2018
1.5 MiB2018-02-16
AtlantOS D4.4 Sustained Transatlantic Coastal Observations
2.1 MiB2019-04-08
AtlantOS D9.5. European Strategy for All Atlantic Ocean Observing System
562.8 KiB2019-04-20
AtlantOS D9.3 Assessment of the performance of AtlantOS observing system Rev. 03/2020
2.7 MiB2020-03-30
CopernicusMarineService Insitu Observation infrastructure Sept.2017
231.5 KiB2018-02-16
Copernicus and Research Infrastructures 2017
758.2 KiB2018-02-16
Copernicus In Situ State Of Play Report Observations Data 2017
1.9 MiB2018-02-16
Copernicus In Situ Component State Of Play Reports Summary, April 2018
405.0 KiB2018-02-16
Copernicus In Situ - EEA Info Sheet - Observations 2018
3.1 MiB2018-02-16
EMODnet Altantic Checkpoint Literature Survey 2016
2.4 MiB2018-02-16
EMODnet Baltic Checkpoint First Data Adequacy Report 2016
5.9 MiB2018-02-16
EMODnet Baltic Checkpoint Literature Survey Report 2016
3.8 MiB2018-02-16
EMODnet Physics Phase-2 Report 2016
4.7 MiB2018-02-16
INTAROS D1.1 Initial Requirements Report 2017
4.6 MiB2018-02-16
JERICO-NEXT D5.1 Recommendation On A Free And Open Data Access Policy 2017
661.3 KiB2018-02-16
JERICO-NEXT-D5.16 Linking JERICO-NEXT Activities To A Virtual Access Infrastructure 2017
1.0 MiB2018-02-16
JERICO-NEXT D5.3 Specifications For A European FerryBox Data Management System 2017
755.0 KiB2018-02-16
COLUMBUS D4.2 Marine Data Portals
An inventory of European marine data portals and repositories of data, metadata and derived data-products, and analysis of their role to foster innovation. Prepared by Seascape Consultants with contributions from EuroGOOS within the EU H2020 COLUMBUS project.
2.2 MiB2016-10-10
SeaDataCloud-Deliverable-D9-15 V2 Final
1.5 MiB2020-04-28