The cities we need for the ocean we want – EuroGOOS-UNESCO workshop at EMD 2022

Join us at this workshop titled ‘The cities we need for the ocean we want’, co-organized by EuroGOOS and IOC-UNESCO as part of the European Maritime Day 2022 (EMD)!

EMD is the annual two-day event organized by the European Commission during which Europe’s maritime community meet to network, discuss, and outline joint action on maritime affairs. This year’s main theme is ‘Sustainable blue economy for green recovery’.

At our workshop, we will discuss ocean literacy as a tool to connect science with cities and communities in European coastal or land-locked settings. We will engage with ocean literacy practitioners, oceanographers, city authorities, and the next generation of Blue Career professionals, to discuss how to make our cities more blue and citizens more ocean literate.

With the UN Decade of Ocean Science going on full steam, we will invite the audience to follow the Decade programme “Ocean Literacy With All” and its project “Scientists for Ocean Literacy”, coordinated by EuroGOOS. Students from the Bologna University will share their ideas and expectations from the city municipalities and representatives of the ocean literacy initiatives across Europe.

The event will connect science with the public in a tangible way to co-design tools and solutions for the cities we need for the ocean we want. 

Our workshop is part of the Commission’s EU4Ocean Summit on ocean literacy, taking place during the EMD. 

Download the programme of our workshop ‘The cities we need for the ocean we want’ 20 May 2022:

EMD programme and registration (until 12 May) are here. All EMD sessions and workshops are organized in a hybrid format, with speakers and moderators in the venue.