Bringing Ocean Literacy to Trieste NEXT Science Festival

On 23-27 September 2020, the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS), member of EuroGOOS and the EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network, participated in the annual ‘Trieste NEXT’ Science Festival. The science festival serves as a hub for innovation and new technologies, bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and the general public to learn more about how science can help us address key societal challenges.

OGS is an Italian public research institution operating in the field of Oceanography, Geophysics and Marine Geology, Experimental and Explorative Geophysics. Over recent years, OGS inserted Communication and Dissemination, including Ocean Literacy, among its main activities in order to establish a continuous dialogue with society. As explained by the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct it is duty of researchers to communicate their work to the public at large, favouring a better knowledge of the value of the science also with social-economic aims, supporting at the same time the scientific vocation of young people. 

Trieste NEXT is a science festival held in Trieste every year at the end of September since 2001 – the festival involves research institutes and scientific industries offering conferences, hands-on activities, laboratories, exhibitions, and performances to visitors and students. Under the theme ‘Science for the Planet: 100 proposals for future life’, the 9th edition of the festival explored future perspectives on health, environment, social relations, and digital technologies, hosting more than 60 events and attracting 160 speakers, 150 volunteers, and over 200 students and young researchers across Italy. An important part of the programme was dedicated to ocean conservation and sustainable development.

The OGS Ocean Literacy Group offered the public the opportunity to discover our individual and collective impact on the ocean as well as its influence on our daily lives. The group also encouraged young people to make responsible and informed decisions regarding the ocean, become involved in future ocean literacy initiatives, and consider a career in ocean science. Middle school students (aged 12-14) actively participated in various educational activities, including an ocean-related crossword puzzle game.

Read more on the official webpage of the event here.