Ocean observing is executed and financed by nations according to their national interest and needs, but aligned with European and international agreements and directives. ObsSea4Clim brings together key European and international actors within ocean observing science, climate assessment, Earth System modelling, data sharing and standards, with users of oceanographic products and services with the goals of: 

– improving sustained and multipurpose observations vital to European and global climate requirements, and

– delivering an improved observation framework based on EOV/ECVs and embedded in a Rolling Review of Requirements approach. 

ObsSea4Clim will: 

– improve regional and global climate assessments and 

– provide projections and actionable indicators for sustainable development provided.

The project is being coordinated by Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut (DMI). ObsSea4Clim comprises 17 European organizations and has received a total funding of EUR 6 million from the European Commission.

The project’s four main building blocks include the EOV/ECV concept, regional ocean indicator concepts, multi-purpose ocean observing by nations, and integration with European and global initiatives. 

ObsSea4Clim anticipates improved regional and global climate assessments, actionable indicators for sustainable development, and contributions to the Mission Restore our Ocean 2030. 

The project aims to lead the dialogue with European and international climate and data initiatives, integrating its results into the international system to sustain EU leadership in ocean–climate–biodiversity science globally.