Ocean-glider technologies. Credit: PLOCAN

The EuroGOOS Gliders Task Team represents the European voice of the global glider community. It is tasked to develop a glider component in the Global Ocean Observing System, GOOS, with international partners from the USA, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and others.

Gliders Task Team works to:

  • Promote glider applications through liaison between providers and users, providing expert advice;
  • Share success stories and jointly address difficulties;
  • Maintain and share reference material on glider-related technologies (sensors, protocols, readiness levels and specifications, data management standards, and quality control);
  • Promote open source tools (data analysis, applications, etc.);
  • Foster synergies in science and technology;
  • Fill the gaps and look for complementary with other technologies;
  • Promote European and regional cooperation and joint projects;                                                                                               
  • Contribute to the development of the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS), in the coastal area and in the open ocean.

Chairs of the Task Team: Carlos Barrera, PLOCAN, Spain;  Pierre Testor, CNRS, France; Victor Turpin, JCOMMOPS, France.