OceanObs’19 – An Ocean of Opportunity

16/09/2019 - 20/09/2019

OceanObs’19 is a community-driven conference that brings people from all over the planet together to communicate the decadal progress of ocean observing networks and to chart innovative solutions to society’s growing needs for ocean information in the coming decade. OceanObs’19 will strive to improve the governance of a global ocean observing system, including advocacy, funding, and alignment with best practices and to designate responsibility for product definition, including production and timely delivery at the appropriate scales (global, basin, regional, national) to serve user needs. The conference programme will be built focusing on a single objective each day to provide adequate time to answer to the proposed questions.

EuroGOOS is an intellectual sponsor of the conference. Furthermore, the EuroGOOS Office is member of the Sponsors Committee; co-convener of the special event ‘Breaking Waves, Breaking Barriers’ on 18 September, celebrating women’s role in ocean science; is member of the OceanObs’19 communications group; promotes the European showcase at the OceanObs’19; and brings the European voice to the community building and dialogue breakout session coordinated by the US Consortium for Ocean Leadership. The EuroGOOS Office and several members and chairs are involved in the OceanObs’19 community white papers. EuroGOOS will also present a poster on its latest efforts to foster the visibility of the community’s ocean literacy efforts in Europe, through its members’ ocean literacy expert group. 

Information about the conference is available on the website

Hawaii Convention Center

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