International Youth Conference ‘Where the World is Heading’


The Sopot Science Association (SSA) welcomes contributions to the fourth edition of the International Youth Conference entitled Where the World is Heading. This conference is the continuation of the Sopot Youth Forum. Since 2008 over 350 scientists from different countries have presented their work during the Conference.

The Sopot Youth Conference will bring together young scientists or science enthusiasts, university students, PhD and post-doc students to present their work and visions.  The event will have two thematic blocks: (i) humanities and social sciences and (ii) natural and physical sciences. The Conference Proceedings are registered, and have an ISBN, and thus can be cited.

EuroGOOS is on the programme committee of the conference and Vicente Fernandez, EuroGOOS Science Officer, will deliver a keynote ‘“Oceans under pressure – Why observing the ocean is critical for society?”.

Further information on the event’s website 

Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences

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