Final ENVRIplus event: Collaboration for an Impactful Earth System Science


The ENVRIplus project is holding its final event in Brussels to showcase the European environmental research infrastructures’ contribution to the in situ component of the global Earth observations, discuss the ENVRIplus results and look ahead with a continuation of the ENVRI community. 

The meeting will take place in Brussels and will welcome all interested stakeholders. The talks and structure will mainly target the following audiences: European and national decision makers, the European Commission, national representatives in Brussels, European Environment Agency, ESA, EUMETSAT, IOC-GOOS, as well as GEO and Copernicus. 

Programme committee: Werner Kutsch (ENVRIplus Coordinator), Agnes Robin (European Commission), Helen Glaves (British Geological Survey /UKRI), Laura Beranzoli (EMSO ERIC), Dina Eparkhina (EuroGOOS), Magdalena Brus (ICOS/ENVRIplus).

Further information and registration on the ENVRIplus event’s page
Download the save the date flyer

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Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

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