EuroGOOS International Conference, 3-5 May 2021

03/05/2021 - 05/05/2021

The EuroGOOS International Conference provides a forum of interaction between marine scientists and technologists developing operational oceanography products, and the users of these services including decision and policy-makers as well as the private sector. The event offers the opportunity to review the present ocean monitoring and forecasting capacities and their services, and to identify new challenges and the underpinning science and technology priorities. The conference facilitates dialogue, experience sharing, and future planning with international partners and stakeholders towards a more coordinated response to global challenges and societal needs related to seas and the global ocean.

The three-day virtual meeting will include plenary, splinter, and poster sessions as well as round tables with focused discussions. Participants will be invited to submit abstracts for their presentations, while full papers will be published in the EuroGOOS conference proceedings.