CommOCEAN 2020

01/12/2020 - 02/12/2020

This ocean science communication conference is organized every two years by the Communications Panel of the European Marine Board and partners. At the 2020 edition of the event (which for the first time is virtual and free of charge), the EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network is holding a workshop on accessible communication. 

The EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network works to upscale the Ocean Literacy and public engagement efforts of the European oceanographic and hydrographic agencies and met offices, and contribute to the European role in international Ocean Literacy within the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Today, the network brings together experts from 20 organizations in 8 countries and 3 organizations with pan-European or global remit. The EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network has undertaken what is thought to be the most comprehensive survey of Ocean Literacy activities across European oceanographic organizations; and in doing so identified a potential gap in activities which are accessible to all.

In this interactive workshop, participants will first hear from an expert in accessible communication about the skills and techniques needed to ensure as many people as possible can access and understand the messages we want to convey. The group will then be invited to discuss how these skills and techniques can be applied to Ocean Literacy.

CommOCEAN conference programme is available on the event’s website.