EMODnet-EuroGOOS data workshop in Germany


BSH will be hosting a joint EMODnet-EuroGOOS workshop to discuss the current state of data availability and coordination in Germany and Europe in general. Patrick Gorringe (EuroGOOS) and Jan-Bart Calewaert (EMODnet) will give presentations and heads of all German marine institutes have been invited to join this meeting held at BSH in Hamburg. Presentations will also feature a number of other EuroGOOS activities, including EuroGOOS ROOSes, NOOS and Arctic ROOS, as well as the FerryBox Task Team.

Icon of 2016-02-18 Data-Workshop EMODnet EuroGOOS 2016-02-18 Data-Workshop EMODnet EuroGOOS (21.2 KiB) workshop agenda


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