Reference Documents

EuroGOOS Internal Rules (May 2021)
382.9 KiB2021-06-11
ToR HF Radar Task Team
156.9 KiB2020-04-27
EU HFRadar Inventory 2016
Report of the EuroGOOS HFR Task Team, JERICO-Next, and INCREASE CMEMS Service Evolution project survey of European high-frequency radar systems conducted from 17 June to 27 July 2016
1.4 MiB2016-10-03
US-IOOS Ocean Enterprise 2016
This report is assessing this ocean information enterprise and demonstrating the value that lies in an ocean information-based activity like operational oceanography.
2.1 MiB2016-02-27
EuroGOOS Strategy 2014-2020
1.0 MiB2014-12-26
EuroGOOS AISBL establishment and registration (FR)
1.4 MiB2014-03-21
EuroGOOS AISBL Deed of incorporation (EN)
186.3 KiB2014-03-21
Sustainable Marine Environmental Information Services
1.4 MiB2007-11-05
919.4 KiB2006-11-05
Recommendations for in-situ data Real Time Quality Control
363.6 KiB2006-09-27
FerryBox EU Project
704.2 KiB2005-11-05
Need for an Arctic GOOS
3.6 MiB2005-11-05
NOOS - Strategic Plan (2001)
2.5 MiB2001-11-05
BOOS Plan (2000)
5.2 MiB2000-11-05
Operational Oceanography: Data Requirements Survey (1999)
688.4 KiB1999-11-05
The Mediterranean Forecasting System Science Plan (1998)
1.2 MiB1998-11-05
The EuroGOOS Atlantic Workshop Report (1998)
516.0 KiB1998-11-05
The Science Base of EuroGOOS (1998)
684.6 KiB1998-11-05
The EuroGOOS Marine Technology Survey (1998)
212.0 KiB1998-11-05
The EuroGOOS Plan (1997)
84.6 KiB1997-11-05
The Strategy for EuroGOOS (1996)
53.8 MiB1996-11-05