SDG 14: EuroGOOS commitment towards sustained and integrated ocean observing and open data sharing

Today on World Oceans Day, EuroGOOS submitted its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 towards Sustained and Integrated Ocean Observing and Open Data Sharing (view on the UN Ocean Conference website). 

In the statement, EuroGOOS commits to further its efforts to coordinate European ocean observing supporting networks of Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems (ROOSes) and ensuring their integration in the Global Ocean Observing System. EuroGOOS ROOSes and networks of observing platforms (Task Teams) play an important role in unlocking marine data collected by individual European nations and enhancing open data exchange as well as data standardization and harmonization. EuroGOOS commits to further the integration of the existing marine data towards interoperability, promoting open data and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders holding or collecting data. Furthermore, EuroGOOS will increase its communication and outreach efforts to inform policy and decision makers as well as wider stakeholders, towards ocean literacy and responsible long-term vision for sustainable ocean management.

Read the EuroGOOS commitment towards ‘Sustained and Integrated Ocean Observing and Open Data Sharing’ on the UN Ocean Conference website