Open position at SOCIB: Postdoc Scientist Ocean Modeler for FOCCUS Project

The Modelling and Forecasting Facility of our member SOCIB is looking for a Postdoc Scientist Ocean Modeler with experience in multi-platform observing data assimilation. Particularly, the candidate will be responsible for improving WMOP model forecast skills through multi-platform data assimilation, including new data sources (high-resolution altimetry, gliders and HF radar) in the Western Mediterranean Sea region. The WMOP-WesternMediterranean OPerational modelling Systemhigh resolution ocean forecasting system is a regional configuration of ROMS with EnOI-like sequential data assimilation scheme. Model improvements are expected in the forecasting capability of mesoscale dynamics in coastal areas, on surface currents, sea level anomaly, temperature and salinity fields. The processing scripts developed in this work will be made available on collaborative coding software websites distributed within and outside the project using dedicated open repositories (e.g. GitHub, GitLab).

The successful candidate will work within the Modelling and Forecasting Facility, with both close interactions with the rest of SOCIB facilities and international collaborations as part of the FOCCUS project.

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