EuroGOOS Tide Gauges Task Team launch a survey on status and needs of the existing stations in Europe

The EuroGOOS Tide Gauges Task Team has launched a survey to collect information on the status and needs of the existing tide gauge stations in the European regions. The results of this survey will help explaining to policy and decision-makers the importance of sustained European tide gauge collaboration in view of an increasing risks of sea level hazards.

Sea level is a critical variable of our environment and clearly has a high impact on coastal populations. Tide gauges are an important tool to determine trends in mean sea level, extremes (and their relation to climate change), tidal computation, geodetic applications, harbour operations and navigation and, more recently, integration in new sea level hazards warning systems (tsunamis and storm surges).

Recognizing this critical and increasing need of tide gauge data, EuroGOOS has formed a Tide Gauges Task Team (EuroGOOS TGTT, please find below), bringing together the tide gauge communities in the European and adjacent seas. The EuroGOOS TGTT compiles information on existing sea level networks, advises operators and scientists, and supports national and regional sea level initiatives towards maintaining a sustained system.

The survey is available on the TG TT webpage. It takes about five minutes to complete.