EuroGOOS at the 2nd EuroSea Annual Meeting – towards integrated European ocean observing and forecasting

The EuroSea Annual Meeting took place on 18-22 January with the project’s General Assembly taking place on the last day.

The EuroGOOS Office co-leads work packages 1 (Governance and Coordination of ocean observing and forecasting systems) and 8 (Engagement, Dissemination, Exploitation & Legacy) and is represented on the Gender and Diversity Board, while many EuroGOOS members and ROOS representatives are project partners.

The week showcased progress in the first 14 months of the project and featured invited talks from the colleagues at IMOS and GOOS, as well as several EuroSea-related EU projects. The EuroSea Gender and Diversity Board invited a lecture on Women in Oceanography from Britta Thege of Kiel University of Applied Sciences and held a session to discuss the results of the survey conducted among the EuroSea consortium members. Inga Lips (EuroGOOS Secretary General) presented the EOOS framework developments. Dina Eparkhina (EuroGOOS Senior Policy and Communications Officer) and Emma Heslop (IOC-GOOS Programme Specialist) organized a session on EuroSea impact monitoring. A series of Scientific Lunches were held during the lunch breaks with a wide range of presentations from the EuroSea experts. At the General Assembly, George Petihakis (EuroGOOS Chair) was elected as member of the EuroSea Executive Board to fill the seat left vacant after the departure of Glenn Nolan from EuroGOOS.

Discover a summary of the event on the EuroSea website.