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The cities we need for the ocean we want – EuroGOOS-UNESCO workshop at EMD 2022

Join us at this workshop titled ‘The cities we need for the ocean we want’, co-organized by EuroGOOS and IOC-UNESCO as part of the European Maritime Day 2022 (EMD)! EMD is the annual two-day event organized by the European Commission during which Europe’s maritime community meet to network, discuss, and outline joint action on maritime… Read more »

EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Working Group Meeting (20-21 October)

EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Working Group met in a hybrid meeting hosted by IEO Malaga. Members presented their Ocean Literacy activities, discussed the WG work plan, and elected co-chairs. Angela Pomaro (CNR, Italy) and Yolanda Koulouri (HCMR, Greece) will co-chair the WG together with Dina Eparkhina as coordinator of EuroGOOS UN Ocean Decade Action ‘Scientists for… Read more »

EuroGOOS ‘Scientists for Ocean Literacy’ initiative endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade

EuroGOOS is committed to mainstream ocean literacy in European oceanographic and met agencies as a strategic area of activity. This commitment has now been recognized and acknowledged by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC), with the endorsement of the EuroGOOS initiative ‘Scientists for Ocean Literacy’ as a project under the UN Decade of Ocean… Read more »

Registration open for EuroGOOS activity at the Ocean Decade Lab ‘An Inspiring and Engaging Ocean’!

The first Ocean Decade Laboratory on the Decade Outcome ‘An Inspiring and Engaging Ocean’ is taking place on 7-8 July 2021 as a virtual event providing a platform for diverse stakeholders and encouraging collaborative actions. It will explore how we can positively influence behavior change and support action. Hosted by the German Federal Ministry of Education… Read more »

EuroGOOS Policy Brief: Ocean Literacy in European Oceanographic Agencies – Recommendations for the Ocean Decade

Our new policy brief gives recommendations on how to enhance Ocean Literacy activities in oceanographic agencies. The extent of the activities dedicated to increasing public engagement and awareness carried out by these organizations, whose core mandate is mainly linked to scientific and technological aspects of ocean data and services, calls for a stronger voice for Ocean… Read more »

IOC-UNESCO’s First Ocean Literacy Course of the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

The EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network contributed to the 1st Ocean Literacy Course organized within the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030. The training development was led by IOC and its Ocean Teacher Global Academy. Virtual classrooms brought together a wide range of people from various sectors of society and occupations around the… Read more »

Inclusive communication – How can Ocean Literacy be Accessible to All?

EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network is holding a workshop on accessible ocean literacy at the international science communication conference CommOCEAN (1-2 December 2020, virtual).  The workshop’s topic emanates from the results of the EuroGOOS survey of ocean literacy activities in European oceanographic organizations which revealed a gap in activities which are accessible to all. The workshop will feature… Read more »

Bringing Ocean Literacy to Trieste NEXT Science Festival

On 23-27 September 2020, the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS), member of EuroGOOS and the EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network, participated in the annual ‘Trieste NEXT’ Science Festival. The science festival serves as a hub for innovation and new technologies, bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and the general public to learn more… Read more »

EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network map: discover our members!

The map of the EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network has been released today on the occasion of the EU4Ocean platform launch event. The network brings together 20 organizations from eight European nations and three of the pan-European and global remit. We are working together with other local, regional and global partners to promote and empower the… Read more »