The BioEcoOcean project proposes a foundational change in how we approach biological and ecosystem (BioEco) ocean observation to enhance scientific understanding, improve management, and ensure sustainable use and development of the ocean. Our multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary approach emphasises co-creation with diverse stakeholders to develop a Blueprint for Integrated Ocean Science (BIOS) to support and encourage operational workflows adhering to FAIR Data Principles. This innovative product promotes holistic thinking, facilitates communication, and strengthens the Ocean Observing Value Chain. The project also includes a strong research component, advancing data collection, monitoring, dataflows, and models for BioEco Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs). We will operate in living labs, co-creating with stakeholders, generating new primary data, and leveraging existing data and observing infrastructure globally.

Key objectives include developing an inclusive co-created Blueprint, advancing EOV implementation, assessing current practices and technological options, delivering excellent research, co-creating operational workflows, and prioritising capacity building. The project will increase the technology readiness levels (TRL) of critical components of BioEco ocean observation systems and tools and in particular the TRL of the integrated ocean observing system. The project will prioritise capacity building and collaboration with global ocean observation initiatives, e.g. GOOS and MBON, as well as with the overall Biodiversity monitoring community, e.g. GEO BON, that seeks to develop a global framework for biodiversity monitoring, in the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to ensure wide discussion and adoption of its co-produced standards. Overall, this project will significantly impact and strengthen various sectors and stakeholders involved in ocean and biodiversity observation and management, from local to National to Global levels.