IBI-ROOS Plan: Iberia Biscay Ireland Regional Operational Oceanographic System 2006–2010 The EuroGOOS Iberia Biscay Ireland Task Team: Co-chairs Sylvie Pouliquen and Alicia Lavín

FerryBox EU Project

FerryBox: From On-line Oceanographic Observations to Environmental Information- EU Project FerryBox 2002–2005

Need for an Arctic GOOS

The Arctic Ocean and the Need for an Arctic GOOS The EuroGOOS Arctic Task Team: Stein Sandven, Ola M. Johannessen, Eberhard Fahrbach, Erik Buch, Howard Cattle, Leif Toudal Pedersen and Timo Vihma

BOOS Plan (2000)

BOOS Plan Baltic Operational Oceanographic System 1999 – 2003