Data Management, Exchange and Quality WG

EuroGOOS DATAMEQ working group helps improving harmonization and integration of European marine data. DATAMEQ WG works hand in hand with Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS), SeaDataNet, EMODnet, JERICO Next and AtlantOS. The working group fosters links between real-time and historical data streams and works closely with EuroGOOS Task Teams.

DATAMEQ WG works to:

  • Develop an overall concept for the management of EuroGOOS observation data taking into consideration existing data management systems;
  • Identify observations required for either in real-time or in delayed mode data;
  • Propose the most effective ways to make observation data readily available for operational purposes;
  • Propose mechanisms to ease access to delayed mode observation data in cooperation with National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODCs), keeping aware of the progress in SeaDataNet;
  • Draft a minimum set of standards for data quality control which is related to observation data collection, processing and exchange procedures.

Working group members:

  • Sylvie Pouliquen (Ifremer, France) – working group chair
  • Susanne Tamm (BSH, Germany)
  • Johana Linders (SMHI, Sweden)
  • Matthew Martin and Fiona Carse (UK Met Office)
  • Kate Collingridge (Cefas, UK)
  • Marta de Alfonso (Puertos Del Estado, Spain)
  • Julien Mader (AZTI, Spain)
  • Giuseppe Manzella (ENEA, Italy)
  • Leonidas Perivoliotis (HCMR, Greece)
  • Helge Sagen, Sjur Ringheim Lid, Henning Wehde (IMR, Norway)
  • Veselka Marinova (IOBAS, Bulgaria)
  • Thierry Carval and Thomas Loubrieu (Ifremer, France)
  • Dick Schaap and Peter Thijsse (MARIS, Netherlands)
  • Antonio Novellino (ETT, Italy)
  • Wilhelm Petersen and Gisbert Breitbach (HZG, Germany)
  • Victor Turpin (CNRS, France)
  • Neil Holdsworth and Hjalte Parner (ICES)
  • Kai Sorensen (NIVA, Norway)
  • Patrick Gorringe (EuroGOOS Office) – supporting the working group 

DATAMEQ Documents: