Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems (ROOS)

The Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems (ROOSes) coordinate and support development and joint service production in European regions. The objectives, activities, and governance of the ROOSes are agreed in MoUs signed between regional EuroGOOS members and non-members. EuroGOOS insures pan-European representation and interface for ROOSes. Furthermore, EuroGOOS faciliates cooperation among the ROOSes sharing borders or strategic interests.

EuroGOOS Chair and Secretary General attend annual ROOS General Assembly meetings and ROOS Chairs meet with EuroGOOS Executive Board twice a year, as well as report to the EuroGOOS General Assembly. EuroGOOS also insures links between its partners and ROOSes, for their mutual benefit (e.g. EEA, EMSA, ICES, etc).

Currently, EuroGOOS supports the following ROOSes:

EuroGOOS also fosters cooperation in the Black Sea region with Black Sea GOOS acting as EuroGOOS Black Sea ROOS.