COLUMBUS Maritime Sensor Development Good Practice Guide 2018
Developed as a result of discussions at the COLUMBUS Brokerage Events ‘Knowledge Transfer in Maritime Sensing Technologies’ in 2017 and 2018
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EuroGOOS 2017 Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of the 8th International EuroGOOS Conference 'Operational Oceanography Serving Sustainable Marine Development', 3-5 October 2017, Bergen, Norway
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An ocean literacy child book explaining why the ocean is important, what is needed to observe it, and what each of us can do to help protect it
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EuroGOOS Ferrybox Whitepaper 2017
Scientific and technical description of the FerryBox instrument for automatic measurements of a series of environmental oceanographic parameters
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EuroGOOS Brochure 2017
What, Why and How of EuroGOOS - our new brochure
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EuroGOOS Tide Gauge Note to Policy 2017
Tide gauge measurements provide critical sea-level data but the operations are not sustained for some networks
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European FerryBox Network EuroGOOS 2017
European Network of FerryBoxes established as a EuroGOOS Task Team promotes the FerryBox technology and European integration and data exchange
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EuroGOOS 2017 Conference Flyer
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COLUMBUS Engaging Industry Best Practice Guide
A best practice guide on engaging industry in using and sharing European public marine data prepared within the COLUMBUS project
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COLUMBUS project - Twitter good practice guide
A two-page good practice guide for Twitter users developed by the Horizon 2020 COLUMBUS project on knowledge transfer
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EuroGOOS 2014 Conference Proceedings
Operational Oceanography for Sustainable Blue Growth - Proceedings of the Seventh EuroGOOS International Conference, 28-30 October 2014, Lisbon, Portugal
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EOOS Consultation 2016
Consultation document on developing a European Ocean Observing System, EOOS, prepared by the EOOS steering group as a background document for an open stakeholder consultation
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EuroGOOS Flyer
Observing Ocean Change (released on the occasion of COP21, updated in 2016)
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Marine Data Portals Columbus D4.2
An inventory of European marine data portals and repositories of data, metadata and derived data-products, and analysis of their role to foster innovation. Prepared by Seascape Consultants with contributions from EuroGOOS within the EU H2020 COLUMBUS project.
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EU HFRadar Inventory 2016
Report of the EuroGOOS HFR Task Team, JERICO-Next, and INCREASE CMEMS Service Evolution project survey of European high-frequency radar systems conducted from 17 June to 27 July 2016
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News from BOOS Spring 2016
EuroGOOS Baltic Operational Oceanographic System, BOOS, newsletter
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EuroGOOS Kostas Nittis Medal Flyer
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EuroGOOS Policy Brief (2016)
European Oceanography: Delivering services for Blue Growth and ecosystem-based management
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Arctic GOOS Flyer (2016)
Prepared by GOOS Project Office, IOC-UNESCO and EuroGOOS
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EOOS Flyer (2016)
Aligning, integrating and promoting Europe's ocean observing capacity
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US-IOOS Ocean Enterprise 2016
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EuroGOOS The Benefits of Membership (2015)
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EuroGOOS Strategy 2014-2020
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EMODnet Physics – First Workshop, Tallinn 2011
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6th EuroGOOS Conference Proceedings (2011)
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Sustainable Marine Environmental Information Services
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Recommendations for in-situ data Real Time Quality Control
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FerryBox EU Project
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Need for an Arctic GOOS
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Policy Basis of the “Ecosystem Approach” to Fisheries Management
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Operational Ocean Observations from Space (2001)
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NOOS - Strategic Plan (2001)
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Bio-ecological Observations in Operational Oceanography (2000)
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BOOS Plan (2000)
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Operational Oceanography: Data Requirements Survey (1999)
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The Mediterranean Forecasting System Science Plan (1998)
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The EuroGOOS Atlantic Workshop Report (1998)
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The Science Base of EuroGOOS (1998)
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The EuroGOOS Marine Technology Survey (1998)
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Director's Report for 1996-97
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The EuroGOOS Plan (1997)
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The Strategy for EuroGOOS (1996)
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