Executive Directors Board

EuroGOOS activities are managed by the Executive Directors Board. The Board is composed of a Chair and 7 members, appointed by the General Assembly. The EuroGOOS Executive Board members are:

Dr. Erik Buch

Dr. George Petihakis
vice-Chair, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, HCMR, Greece

Dr. Bernd Brügge
member, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, BSH, Germany

Prof. Urmas Lips
member, Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu, MSI TUT, Estonia

Dr. Rosalia Santoleri
member, National Research Council, CNR, Italy

Dr. António Santos Martinho
member, Hydrographic Institute, Portugal

Dr. Patrick Farcy 
member, French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea, Ifremer, France

Dr. Henning Wehde
member, Institute for Marine Research, IMR, Norway