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EuroGOOS informal association annual meeting 2013 - minutes
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EG17 Doc 1.1 EuroGOOS GA2017 Agenda 4.05.17 Updated
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EG17 Doc 1.3 EuroGOOS GA2017 DocumentsList-dft
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EG17 Doc 4.2 Office Report GA 2017
680.2 KiB
EG17 Doc 4.3 EU Projects
419.9 KiB
EG17 Doc 5.1 2017 EuroGOOS Terms Of Reference Guidelines V2 April2017
494.6 KiB
EG17 Doc 13.1 EuroGOOS GA 2016 Report FNL
887.2 KiB
EG17 Doc 14.2 List Of 2019 Membership Contributions
313.3 KiB
EG17 Doc 15.1 Letter Of Expression Of Interest
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EG17 Doc 18.1 EG GA 2017 EuroGOOS Exec Board Mandates
449.9 KiB
EG17 Doc 5.1 EuroGOOS Med Term Priorities Updated 14.04.2017
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EG17 Doc 5.2 2017 EuroGOOS Terms Of Reference Guidelines V2 April2017
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EG17 Doc 9.2 New Coastal WG Terms Of Reference
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EG17 Doc 9.2 New Coastal WG Terms Of Reference
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EG17 Doc 8.1 Chairs Reports Task Teams
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EG17 Doc 4.1 Chairs Report GA
336.0 KiB
EG17 Doc 7.1 Chairs Reports ROOSes
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EG17 Doc 9.1 Chairs Reports WG
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Doc01 EuroGOOS GA2017 Agenda Updated 30 05
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EG17 Full Pack Of Documents - Updated 30 05 2017
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Doc 1.2 EuroGOOS GA2017 Participants-dft-30-05-2017
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Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on EuroGOOS (2011)
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EG11.52 Progression of plans for ECOMF
European Centre for Ocean Modelling and Forecasting
275.1 KiB
Ifremer position on EuroGOOS EIG
23.3 KiB
Eg11 30epwgreport
62.8 KiB
EG11.27 Final Agenda for 2011 Annual Meeting
Updated version
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EG11.46 Proposal for a Sea Level WG
64.2 KiB
EG11.36 MOON Report
65.8 KiB
EG11.27 Final Agenda for 2011 Annual Meeting
Updated version
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EG11.48 Legal structures
Briefing submitted by CNR
189.9 KiB
EG11.39 Director's Report
Including EG11.43 Status of EuroGOOS plan
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Eg11 34boosreport
68.2 KiB
Eg11 45cosmo Wg Proposal
63.4 KiB
EG11.47 Procedures for recruiting a new Director
80.8 KiB
EG11.44 The Roles of EuroGOOS
A proposal for discussion at the Annual Meeting, submitted by UK members
43.4 KiB
EG11.32 TPWG Report
26.5 KiB
EG11.42 Proxy form
To be filled in if your institute will be represented by a different person at the Annual Meeting
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Eg11 31datameqreport
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EG11.37 NOOS Report
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2011 Annual Meeting Participants
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EG11.35 IBI-ROOS Report
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EG11.28 Financial Overview
EuroGOOS results, budgets and reserves 2009-2012
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EG11.38 Chairman's Report
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EG11.41 Offer to host EuroGOOS Secretariat
Offer from BELSPO in Brussels
950.2 KiB
EG11.25 Notes from ECOMF discussion
Discussion evening in Sopot, Poland
66.9 KiB
EG11.22 Candidates for re-election to the EuroGOOS Board
No election of new Board members this year
62.6 KiB
EG11.20 EGFEG Report
169.9 KiB
EG11.15 Draft EIG EuroGOOS Agreement
64.7 KiB
EG10.33 Minutes of 17th Annual Meeting, Brussels
October 2010
525.3 KiB
EG12.21b ECOMF Strategic Plan - Outline of Action Plan
107.1 KiB
EG12.41: JERICO Presentation
JERICO Presentation
3.9 MiB
EG12.39 Coastal Modelling Working Group Presentation
262.8 KiB
EG12.37 SAWG presentation
228.4 KiB
EG12.40 EMODnet Physics Presentation
2.2 MiB
EG12.38 Technology Plan Working Group Presentation
1.5 MiB
EG12.30 NOOS Presentation
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EG12.36 DATA-MEQ Presentation
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EG12.29 MONGOOS Presentation
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EG12.27 BOOS presentation
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EG12.29 MONGOOS Report
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EG12.28 IBI-ROOS Presentation
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EG12.25 Director's Report
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EG12.26 Arctic ROOS Presentation
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EG12.32 Financial Report 2012 Final
Corrected version
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EG12.23 Agenda for 19th Annual Meeting
Hamburg 2012
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EG12.24 Chairman's Report
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EG12.21 Nicosia Declaration
55.1 KiB
EG12.14 Minutes of Extra Members Meeting in Brussels
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EG12.01 Final EuroGOOS Agreement (English)
66.6 KiB
EG12.20 Election of Board members
20.9 KiB
EG11.49 Minutes of 18th Annual EuroGOOS Meeting (Rome)
115.2 KiB
EG12.01 Final EuroGOOS Agreement (French)
66.1 KiB
Note on Election of Board Members (Executive Directors)
149.2 KiB
ArcticROOS report to EuroGOOS AM 2013
6.9 MiB
NOOS report to EuroGOOS AM 2013
4.3 MiB
IBI-ROOS report to EuroGOOS AM 2013
5.1 MiB
MONGOOS report to EuroGOOS AM 2013
4.1 MiB
BOOS report to EuroGOOS AM 2013
379.9 KiB
AM 2013 Meeting Logistics
487.0 KiB
Participants List_AM2013
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EG13.45 Annual Meeting Agenda Final
296.3 KiB
EG13.59 Chairman's-Report
290.8 KiB
EG13.47 Secretariat-Report
582.1 KiB
EG13.47 - ANNEX to Secretariat Report
3.3 MiB
EG13.58 WG-Functionality
525.5 KiB
EG13.48 GMES-PURE InfoNote
626.3 KiB
EG13.49 Emodnet-info
527.2 KiB
EG13.50 AISBL-members
496.7 KiB
EG13.52 Action-List
474.3 KiB
492.2 KiB
EG13.54 EuroGOOS-Conference
605.3 KiB
EG13.55 Finances
592.6 KiB
EG13.56 Personnel
419.2 KiB
EG13.57 Board-elections
483.5 KiB
EG IN13.45-Request For Membership In EuroGOOS-NIB MBS
576.0 KiB
EuroGOOS AISBL AM 2013 - minutes
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EuroGOOS AM 2014 Logistics
489.8 KiB
EG_IN14.07_Request for Membership (DLTM)
579.3 KiB
680.4 KiB
EG14.43-Chairmans Report 2014
449.5 KiB
EG14.44-EuroGOOS-Coastal-Modeling-WG 2014-annual-report
67.3 KiB
EuroGOOS AM 2014 Draft Agenda
504.0 KiB
EG14.42-Updated Action List AM 2013
433.3 KiB
EG14.10-Financial reports
1.1 MiB
888.5 KiB
EG14.36-New Activities
690.1 KiB
EG_IN14.09 IPMA Request For Membership
174.0 KiB
EG14.45-SAWG 2014 Report
338.3 KiB
EG14.46 SAWG WhitePaper V2
601.1 KiB
EG14.34-Secretariat Report
584.2 KiB
EG14.47-EPWG Report 2014
272.0 KiB
EG14.18.V4-EuroGOOS Draft Conference Programme
602.6 KiB
EG AM 2014 Full Pack V4
8.8 MiB
EG14.49-Report Of TPWG 2014 Draft V0
386.8 KiB
EG14.11 V3-Strategy
972.8 KiB
Agenda Annual Meeting 2015
598.2 KiB
Arctic ROOS annual report 2015 for EuroGOOS AM
422.9 KiB
DATAMEQ WG Report 2015
264.9 KiB
ToR HF Radar Task Team
348.2 KiB
437.3 KiB
ToR Tide Gauge Task Team
256.6 KiB
EuroGOOS 2015 AM - ALL Documents_19052015
10.1 MiB
Chairman And Secretariat AM 2015 Report
1.0 MiB
Financial Report And Budget
473.8 KiB
ToR EuroGOOS Glider Task Team
435.2 KiB
SAWG 2015 Report
162.9 KiB
2015 EuroGOOS GA Report Final
355.6 KiB
Minutes of Extra Members Meeting 2012
158.3 KiB
EuroGOOS Data Policy
Policy and practice for EuroGOOS for the exchange of oceanographic and related data and products including guidelines on relationships in commercial oceanographic activities
125.6 KiB
Recommendations for a Pan-European data system
Data-MEQ v2.1
332.1 KiB
Recommendations for RTQC procedures
257.7 KiB
Overview of European activities, initiatives and projects: EMODnet and WISE Marine
Overview of European activities, initiatives and projects: EMODnet and WISE Marine
40.5 KiB
EG13.09: Outline of GOOS Regional Alliance information
Outline of GRA information for EuroGOOS
318.3 KiB
EuroGOOS and MyOcean2 joint Position Paper on the in-situ component of the Copernicus Marine Service
1.0 MiB
6.9 MiB
EMODnet Physics Phase-2 Report 2016
4.7 MiB
EMODnet Baltic Checkpoint Literature Survey Report 2016
3.8 MiB
EMODnet Baltic Checkpoint First Data Adequacy Report 2016
5.9 MiB
EMODnet Altantic Checkpoint Literature Survey 2016
2.4 MiB
Copernicus In Situ State Of Play Report Observations Data 2017
1.9 MiB
Copernicus In Situ - EEA Info Sheet - Observations 2018
3.1 MiB
Copernicus and Research Infrastructures 2017
758.2 KiB
JERICO-NEXT D5.1 Recommendation On A Free And Open Data Access Policy 2017
661.3 KiB
JERICO-NEXT D5.3 Specifications For A European FerryBox Data Management System 2017
755.0 KiB
JERICO-NEXT-D5.16 Linking JERICO-NEXT Activities To A Virtual Access Infrastructure 2017
1.0 MiB
AtlantOS D1.1 Initial Requirements Report 2016
1.5 MiB
AtlantOS D7.4-Data-Management-Handbook 2016
2.9 MiB
AtlantOS D9.2 Web-based Monitoring Tools 2017
2.7 MiB
AtlantOS D.1.3 Capacities And Gap Analysis 2017
2.8 MiB
AtlantOS D1.1 Initial Requirements Report 2018
1.5 MiB
INTAROS D1.1 Initial Requirements Report 2017
4.6 MiB
The Strategy for EuroGOOS (1996)
53.8 MiB
The EuroGOOS Plan (1997)
84.6 KiB
Director's Report for 1996-97
135.6 KiB
The EuroGOOS Marine Technology Survey (1998)
212.0 KiB
The Science Base of EuroGOOS (1998)
684.6 KiB
The EuroGOOS Atlantic Workshop Report (1998)
516.0 KiB
The Mediterranean Forecasting System Science Plan (1998)
1.2 MiB
Operational Oceanography: Data Requirements Survey (1999)
688.4 KiB
BOOS Plan (2000)
5.2 MiB
Bio-ecological Observations in Operational Oceanography (2000)
872.8 KiB
NOOS - Strategic Plan (2001)
2.5 MiB
Operational Ocean Observations from Space (2001)
7.3 MiB
Policy Basis of the “Ecosystem Approach” to Fisheries Management
696.3 KiB
Need for an Arctic GOOS
3.6 MiB
FerryBox EU Project
704.2 KiB
Recommendations for in-situ data Real Time Quality Control
363.6 KiB
919.4 KiB
Sustainable Marine Environmental Information Services
1.4 MiB
6th EuroGOOS Conference Proceedings (2011)
49.6 MiB
EMODnet Physics – First Workshop, Tallinn 2011
1.0 MiB
EuroGOOS Strategy 2014-2020
1.0 MiB
EuroGOOS The Benefits of Membership (2015)
293.3 KiB
US-IOOS Ocean Enterprise 2016
2.1 MiB
EOOS Flyer (2016)
Aligning, integrating and promoting Europe's ocean observing capacity
124.6 KiB
Arctic GOOS Flyer (2016)
Prepared by GOOS Project Office, IOC-UNESCO and EuroGOOS
377.9 KiB
EuroGOOS Policy Brief (2016)
European Oceanography: Delivering services for Blue Growth and ecosystem-based management
1.1 MiB
EuroGOOS Kostas Nittis Medal Flyer
305.4 KiB
News from BOOS Spring 2016
EuroGOOS Baltic Operational Oceanographic System, BOOS, newsletter
3.3 MiB
EU HFRadar Inventory 2016
Report of the EuroGOOS HFR Task Team, JERICO-Next, and INCREASE CMEMS Service Evolution project survey of European high-frequency radar systems conducted from 17 June to 27 July 2016
1.4 MiB
Marine Data Portals Columbus D4.2
An inventory of European marine data portals and repositories of data, metadata and derived data-products, and analysis of their role to foster innovation. Prepared by Seascape Consultants with contributions from EuroGOOS within the EU H2020 COLUMBUS project.
2.2 MiB
EuroGOOS Flyer
Observing Ocean Change (released on the occasion of COP21, updated in 2016)
232.3 KiB
EOOS Consultation 2016
Consultation document on developing a European Ocean Observing System, EOOS, prepared by the EOOS steering group as a background document for an open stakeholder consultation
740.6 KiB
EuroGOOS 2014 Conference Proceedings
Operational Oceanography for Sustainable Blue Growth - Proceedings of the Seventh EuroGOOS International Conference, 28-30 October 2014, Lisbon, Portugal
9.1 MiB
COLUMBUS project - Twitter good practice guide
A two-page good practice guide for Twitter users developed by the Horizon 2020 COLUMBUS project on knowledge transfer
420.8 KiB
COLUMBUS Engaging Industry Best Practice Guide
A best practice guide on engaging industry in using and sharing European public marine data prepared within the COLUMBUS project
1.2 MiB
EuroGOOS 2017 Conference Flyer
124.6 KiB
European FerryBox Network EuroGOOS 2017
European Network of FerryBoxes established as a EuroGOOS Task Team promotes the FerryBox technology and European integration and data exchange
434.5 KiB
EuroGOOS Tide Gauge Note to Policy 2017
Tide gauge measurements provide critical sea-level data but the operations are not sustained for some networks
260.4 KiB
EuroGOOS Brochure 2017
What, Why and How of EuroGOOS - our new brochure
1.2 MiB
EuroGOOS Ferrybox Whitepaper 2017
Scientific and technical description of the FerryBox instrument for automatic measurements of a series of environmental oceanographic parameters
2.3 MiB
An ocean literacy child book explaining why the ocean is important, what is needed to observe it, and what each of us can do to help protect it
22.7 MiB
EuroGOOS 2017 Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of the 8th International EuroGOOS Conference 'Operational Oceanography Serving Sustainable Marine Development', 3-5 October 2017, Bergen, Norway
54.9 MiB
COLUMBUS Maritime Sensor Development Good Practice Guide 2018
Developed as a result of discussions at the COLUMBUS Brokerage Events ‘Knowledge Transfer in Maritime Sensing Technologies’ in 2017 and 2018
794.4 KiB
EuroGOOS AISBL Deed of incorporation (EN)
186.3 KiB
EuroGOOS AISBL establishment and registration (FR)
1.4 MiB
EuroGOOS Internal Rules
553.1 KiB
EuroGOOS Strategy Implementation Plan
518.4 KiB
EuroGOOS Workplan 2015
619.8 KiB
GEOSS For Europe EuroGOOS Booth Animation for GEO-XIII (mp4)
Featured at the European Commission's main booth at GEO-XIII week in St. Peterburg, Russia
319.4 MiB
Marine Mammals Exploring the Oceans Pole to Pole
Seasonal tracks of MEOP seals in the Southern Ocean. Credit: Xavier Hoenner (IMOS, Australia).
44.0 MiB
SAWG report to EuroGOOS Annual Meeting (2013)
767.3 KiB
TPWG report to EuroGOOS Annual Meeting (2013)
328.8 KiB
DATA-MEQ report to EuroGOOS Annual Meeting (2013)
181.1 KiB
EPWG report to EuroGOOS Annual Meeting (2013)
331.3 KiB
ESPWG report to EuroGOOS Annual Meeting (2013)
2.0 MiB
DATA-MEQ presentation to EuroGOOS AM 2014
132.7 KiB
EPWG Report to EuroGOOS AM 2014
272.0 KiB
TPWG report to EuroGOOS AM 2014
386.8 KiB
COSMO WG report to EuroGOOS AM 2013
258.3 KiB
COSMO WG report to EuroGOOS AM 2014
67.3 KiB
SAWG report to EuroGOOS AM 2014
338.3 KiB