EuroGOOS office is situated at 231 avenue Louise, in the Brussels area of Ixelles/Elsene, south of city centre. The building is at equal distance from tram/bus stop “Vleurgat” (south to the building) and “Bailli/Baljuw” (north to the building). It then takes 3-5 minutes to reach EuroGOOS on foot from one of these stops. The office is also within a walking distance from Metro Louise (about 15 minute walk). EuroGOOS office is hosted by BELSPO, the Belgian Science Policy Office. You should bell the BELSPO reception to enter the building.

You arrive in Brussels by train at…

…Brussels South (Midi/Zuid): take tram 81 direction “Montgomery” and stop at “Bailli/Baljuw”. Alternatively, take metro 2 or 6 towards Simonis Elizabeth, stop at “Louise/Louisa” then take tram 94 towards “Musee du Tram” and get off at “Bailli/Baljuw” or the next stop “Vleurgat”. If you take metro getting off at “Louise”, you can also walk from “Louise” for about 15 minutes.
…Brussels Central (Centrale/Centraal): take bus 38 direction “Héros/Helden” and get off at “Vleurgat”.
…Brussels North (Nord/Noord): walk to metro stop “Rogier” to the south, take metro 2 direction “Simonis (Leopold II)” or metro 6 direction “Roi Baudouin”, stop at “Louise/Louiza” and then take tram 94 and stop at “Bailli/Baljuw” or “Vleurgat”, or walk from the metro stop along avenue Louise for about 15 minutes.
…Brussels Schuman: walk to bus stop “Froissart”, take bus 60 direction “Uccle Calevoet” and get off at “Vleurgat”.
…Brussels Luxemburg/Luxembourg: take the bus 38 direction “Héros/Helden” and get off at “Vleurgat”.

Google maps will give you city transport options here 

You arrive at Brussels International Airport in Zaventem:

Frequent trains leave the airport with direction to Brussels city (North, Central, South). The airport train station is situated at level-1. You can find train schedules and public transport options in English here. Taxis are available on Arrivals level.

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You arrive at Brussels South Charleroi Airport:

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