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INTAROS survey of the Arctic in situ observations

The INTAROS project is conducting an open survey of Arctic in situ observations of the ocean, atmosphere, terrestrial sphere and cryosphere, retrieved through established networks/observing systems as well as individual large projects. The survey will help assess the existing Arctic in situ observing systems in terms of data delivery chain, accessibility, and spatial-temporal coverage. The… Read more »

Boosting European sensor technologies market – best practice guide released

The Horizon 2020 COLUMBUS project has delivered a new guide sharing best practices, highlighting bottlenecks, and giving recommendations for a successful knowledge transfer in maritime sensor technologies. Over the course of successive EU Framework Programmes, the European Commission has made a significant investment in research and innovation projects designed to advance ocean observing and monitoring… Read more »

8th EuroGOOS Conference Proceedings released

The 8th EuroGOOS Conference Proceedings, Operational Oceanography Serving Sustainable Marine Development, have been released today. The EuroGOOS international conferences are tri-annual milestone events for operational oceanographic sciences. The conferences reflect the state of play and set future priorities for European oceanography across the full value chain, from observations to data processing and modelling, and to… Read more »

EOOS Forum was a critical step to move forward – an overview

A full-day EOOS forum on 8 March brought together 80 ocean science managers, researchers, policymakers and private companies on the topic of ocean observations. The information required to do business, research or ensure security at sea is based on an array of ocean observing infrastructures. We rely heavily on ocean information, but its sources are… Read more »

Our Ocean 2017: Overview of its unprecedented success and EuroGOOS exhibition presence

Scroll down for the event’s photogallery On 5 and 6 October 2017, the European Union hosted the 4th edition of the international Our Ocean conference in Malta. Our Ocean 2017 brought together world leaders, generated commitments, and showcased ocean initiatives around the globe. The conference resulted in an unprecedented engagement across policymakers, NGOs, foundations, research… Read more »

The 8th EuroGOOS International Conference: Main outcomes

The 8th EuroGOOS international conference, titled Operational Oceanography in Service of Sustainable Marine Development, took place in Bergen, Norway, on 3-5 October 2017. The event was co-hosted by the Institute of Marine Research, IMR, and the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre, NERSC, and co-organized with the EuroGOOS office. Delegates from 24 countries and many… Read more »

SDG 14: EuroGOOS commitment towards sustained and integrated ocean observing and open data sharing

Today on World Oceans Day, EuroGOOS submitted its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 towards Sustained and Integrated Ocean Observing and Open Data Sharing (view on the UN Ocean Conference website).  In the statement, EuroGOOS commits to further its efforts to coordinate European ocean observing supporting networks of Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems (ROOSes)… Read more »

EuroGOOS General Assembly 2017: Main highlights

EuroGOOS General Assembly took place in Brussels from 31 May to 2 June 2017. 56 delegates attended the special open session dedicated to ocean observing and derived marine data and services. EuroGOOS and European Marine Board presented the progress in the development of an integrated and sustained European Ocean Observing System, EOOS. Coordinated by those… Read more »