The European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) framework nenews its website!

With the support of EuroGOOS and the EuroSea project, the EOOS website has undergone a complete redesign to provide an engaging and informative window to EOOS purpose and activities and to European ocean observing.

EOOS is a framework that brings Europe’s diverse ocean observing communities together to foster collaboration, strengthen coordination and integration, and promote sustained ocean observing and understanding.

As a coordinating framework, EOOS does not have a central office and therefore its website is the main point for engagement and for providing information about the different communities that are making EOOS a reality.

By bringing together the different actors in ocean observing, including representatives of observing networks and agencies, national operators or implementers, research infrastructures, etc., EOOS is reducing the existing fragmentation of European in situ ocean observing.

Please visit our new website at EOOS and discover what’s new!