Copernicus In Situ Coordination

EuroGOOS is partner in the European Environment Agency (EEA) project, delivering expert advice to the EEA supporting their role in the European in situ data coordination for the Copernicus services. The project consists of two lots. Lot 1 brings together EUMETNET, EuroGOOS and ICOS, with EUMETNET being the lot’s coordinator and addresses the in situ requirements and gaps in link with the Copernicus Marine, Atmosphere and Climate services. The partners advise the EEA in the areas of in situ meteorological and ocean observation networks, climate datasets, atmospheric chemistry observation and data management. This brings Copernicus services up to date with the networks’ capability and helps evaluate future requirements and gaps to be filled to improve their work.

EuroGOOS develops studies and analyses of the state and play and foresight, and also co-leads the project’s communication activities promoting the importance of the in situ data for Copernicus. 

Discover the Copernicus In Situ website here.