Science Advisory WG

EuroGOOS Science Advisory working group was set up to deliver policy advise on research, technology development and innovation priorities in European operational oceanography.

The working group objectives:

  • Identify research, technology and innovation needs for advancing prediction and analyses of the marine environment and relate them to society, science and policy;
  • Maintain a dialogue between operational science and ocean dynamics studies;
  • Enhance the connection between environmental and climate change research and operational oceanography;
  • Support educational programs for operational oceanography, strengthening links between science and engineering.

The working group, chaired by Jun She (DMI, Denmark), developed a white paper, Developing European operational oceanography for Blue Growth, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and ecosystem-based management, published in the EGU Ocean Sciences journal – view here. On the basis of this white paper, EuroGOOS office and the working group chair delivered a policy brief – download here. This EuroGOOS policy brief, European Operational Oceanography: Delivering Services for Blue Growth and Ecosystem-based management, was launched at the European Maritime Day 2016 – see the news item

Launch of the EuroGOOS Policy Brief at the European Maritime Day 2016, 28 May, Turku, from left: Dina Eparkhina, EuroGOOS, Martin Visbeck, AtlantOS, Gesine Meissner, Member of European Parliament, Erik Buch, EuroGOOS Chair, Sigi Gruber, Head of Marine Resources Unit, European Commission DG R&I, Douglas Cripe, Group on Earth Observations, and Vittorio Barale, EC Joint Research Centre