CYCOFOS – Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting and Observing System

The Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting and Observing System (CYCOFOS) is a sub-regional forecasting and observing system in the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine Basin, which covers the coastal and open sea areas of Cyprus, Cilician and Lattakian basins and the Eastern Levantine Base.

The CYCOFOS Bulletin is the electronic report of the CYCOFOS state of progress in oceanographic predictions and observations. The CYCOFOS forecasting products are updated daily. These include the sea currents, sea temperature and salinity, sea level, offshore significant wave height, swell, tides and direction. The CYCOFOS observing products are updated hourly. These include the in-situ water temperature and salinity and sea level. The remote sensing SST-sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a are updated daily.

Link to CYCOFOS Bulletin.