Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI): Marina project round table


The MARINA project conducted a desk research on the integration of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles in past and on-going EU-funded projects. This helped identify and analyse lessons learned and evaluate how RRI was handled in those projects, and provide recommendations for future initiatives together with MARINA’s own lessons learned from 34 European mobilisation and mutual learning workshops about embedding RRI in marine issues.

In order to put these results into perspective, a round table is organised to exchange with European project partners and collect their respective views on the embedding of RRI in EU-funded projects. EuroGOOS was invited and will be represented by Dina Eparkhina.

Programme structure: 

12:00 : Welcome and explanation of the day
12:30 – 13:30 : Lunch
13:30 – 16:30 : Round table
16:30 – 17:00 : Wrap-up discussion


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