Fixed Platforms (EMSO)

Oceaongraphic buoy (Credit: Slovenian National Institute of Biology)

Oceaongraphic buoy (Credit: Slovenian National Institute of Biology)

Fixed platforms are located in various areas of the European seas, to carry out a large variety of measurements. The EuroGOOS EMSO Task Team aims at integrating the European fixed point observatories, both in the open and coastal ocean. As all EuroGOOS Task Teams, this activity is an important building block towards an integrated end-to-end European Ocean Observing System, EOOS.

The EMSO Task Team is chaired by Richard Lampitt of the UK’s National Oceanography Centre, NOC, and coordinator of the EU FP7 FixO3 project. The Task Team reports to EuroGOOS Executive Board and General Assembly.

The EuroGOOS EMSO Task Team aims to:

  • Link with EuroGOOS Data Management and Technology working groups (DATAMEQ  WG, TPWG) and relevant ongoing programs and projects (e.g. CMEMS INSTAC, EMODnet, JERICO Next, FixO3, AtlantOS, EMSO, and others) to avoid duplication of efforts. The Task Team will act as the European component within the global initiatives such as OceanSITES.
  • Develop Europe’s fixed platform network and assist in the standardization of operations by sharing best practice.
  • Delivery recommendations on data structure, format and dissemination (interoperability of datasets), as well as quality control procedures.
  • Ensure data availability via the EuroGOOS ROOS data portals and hence to CMEMS and EMODnet.
  • Enhance the number of biogeochemical measurements in European seas.