Coastal Ocean and Shelf Seas Modelling WG

Co-chairs: Paolo Oddo (NATO/CMRE), Ole Krarup Leth (DMI)

The EuroGOOS COastal and Shelf seas MOdelling Group (COSMO-WG) aims at establishing a network of European experts from different coastal oceanography disciplines to discuss, promote and coordinate coastal ocean modelling (monitoring) activities in Europe. COSMO WG maintains a link between international efforts and ongoing coastal modelling activities in Europe, liaising with global, regional and coastal ocean operational actors.

According to its terms of reference, COSMO WG works to:

  • Promote actions aimed at coordinating research associated with coastal and shelf seas activities;
  • Identify coastal modelling requirements;
  • Address the issue of data assimilation in coastal areas;
  • Identify common protocols in coastal ocean model nesting and define a future strategy;
  • Address the issue of model validations and routine observations in coastal areas;
  • Create a roundtable of recognized experts from different coastal ocean disciplines (physical and biogeochemical numerical modelling, data assimilation, remote and in-situ observations, validation and operational activities).